Trust and Praise Him!

As 2013 comes to a close, many of us look back and reflect on our year.  I’m sure you have experienced many joyous times and yet, difficult times too...some harder than others.  You may have been praying and believing for certain things to happen and they haven’t yet.  You may feel discouraged and if really being honest, you’re angry and wondering WHY?  You might be thinking, “I’m a good person.  I pray.  I tithe.  I don’t deserve this.”  I’ve been there and have my own questions too.  I’ve experienced setbacks and challenges this year that didn’t seem fair.  However, I know if I spend too much time dwelling on the “whys,” then I will end up at a place I don’t want to be...faithless, discouraged, and doubting.    

During those times of wanting to question all the wrong, instead, choose to shut your mind off of the distracting and defeating thoughts and begin to praise God anyway.  Focus on His goodness, dwell on His grace, and bask in His love!  I read something the other day that said, “Trust Him even when you don’t understand.”  That is a sign of real you truly believe what you say you do when things are not going the way you planned?  Your faith will always be revealed in those times. 

“Why is this taking so long?”       Trust Him!

“Will I ever be out of debt?”        Trust Him!

“What am I going to do?”            Trust Him!

“Who can I trust?”                        Trust Him!

I know you feel like quitting, but my dad always says, “Quit and do what?”  You can’t quit. There is no turning back!   You don’t have the option to give up!  Why?  Because you are not a quitter!

Raise your hands and praise Him in the your mouth and praise Him during the trial...Put a smile on your face and praise Him despite how you feel.  Just praise Him!  He will NEVER let us down!

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