Just had to share...

My family and I went to hear my dad speak this morning and it was outstanding!  I just have to share some of the major points with you...they are just too good not too!

*The depth of your praise will determine the magnitude of your breakthrough!

*Stay focused on God and not the problem.

*Self-centeredness will be the greatest temptation to the body of Christ in 2014.

*Yielding to the flesh is always a form of self-centeredness.

*Don't be so distracted with all your problems that it keeps you from praying and pressing in.

*Get what you're "going through" off your mind!

*Celebrate (what He's already done) & Expect (what He's going to do) Everday!

*Faith never pretends a problem doesn't exist, it just focuses on what God can do!

*If I'm ever going to acheive my dreams I must go to "the other side" in my thinking!!

*Signs, wonders, and miracles are on "the other side."  Don't focus on the storm.

*Be on guard…resist the distractions!