Get over yourself!

Think of all the time we’ve wasted not feeling good enough or inferior to others, always wondering what others think of us.  Have you been guilty of comparing yourself to someone else and feeling less than?  I know I have many times!  These feelings come from insecurity, and insecurity is a form of fear.  It’s meant to keep you bound and restricted and not feeling free just to be yourself.  When we are not comfortable just to be ourselves, then we delay the awesome things God wants to do through us, with the gifts and talents He gave each and every one of us.

I spent most of my life insecure about the personality I was given.  I just figured people didn’t like me.  Growing up I was bold, bossy, and opinionated.  My sister on the other hand, was sweet, quiet, and bashful at times.  I just assumed she was better than me.  I walked around thinking something was wrong with me, because I wasn’t like her.  Had I realized early on that God created me just the way He wanted me to be, then I could have flourished earlier on in life, knowing who I was in Jesus.  

God loves me just the way I am, in fact, created me just the way He wanted me to be.  That goes for you too!  God doesn’t make mistakes.  He doesn’t think one person is better than another.  It’s time to get over selves and stop wasting time on not feeling good enough.  You are good enough!  That’s the bottom line.  Nothing the devil can try to put in your head, to make you think differently, is the truth.  He wants you to stay inferior, defeated and miserable, because he knows when you begin to accept and love yourself, then you will be free from his bondage.  Remember he is a liar and YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

As I have matured in age and grown spiritually, I have learned to take the parts of my bold, bossy, and opinionated self and refine them.  I have learned to prefer others and not always have my way.  I have learned to know when to speak my mind and when to be quiet and listen.  We all have things we have to work on, but that doesn’t mean there is something wrong with us.  We ALL are works in progress.  Work on the things you know you need to change and flourish in the great gifts you already possess.  

Don’t waste anymore time by delaying what God has for you. Get free, get over yourself and love yourself, just the way you are!  

You were present at my conception. You guided the molding of my uniformed members within the body of my mother. Nothing about me, from beginning to end, has been hidden from Your eyes. How frightfully, fantastically wonderful it all is!

Psalms 139