Don’t waste ANOTHER year!


Here it is already January 13, are you sticking with your New Year resolutions? Are you staying focused on your goals?  Or have you quickly slipped back into old patterns after the New Year celebrations wore off, forgetting about your goals?

Year after year I was faithful about writing goals down for the new year, but often forgot about them and continued with mediocre living while coasting through life, with all its ups and downs.  I was easily distracted by the first obstacle that would come up in my journey, which always caused me to veer off from my intended purpose.  Before I knew it, another year was gone, and I not been faithful or diligent with my list...therefore having nothing to show for my new year’s goal!  

If you are guilty of doing this too, there is can change!  

Consistency - diligence - discipline, not words I easily identified with or even liked the sound of, but desperately wanted to have in my life.  When you get fed up with having the same results in your life, you will become desperate for change and willing to do whatever it takes disciplined. 

I can moan and complain that I’m not happy with the way my body looks, but if I eat bad and don’t ever exercise, then all the moaning and complaining will change nothing!  

I can get mad at God and question why nothing good is happening in my life?  But am I committed in my prayer life, reading His Word, and staying in faith?  

It all comes down to DAILY choices!  Every day we have to MAKE the choice to go for our goals, change the course we are going in if we don’t like it, and do something different!

Ask yourself: What am I doing TODAY to take me one step closer to my goals?

Want out of debt?  Create a monthly budget.

Want to lose weight?  Start a healthy eating meal plan, go for a walk.

Pursue your dream career?  Start an online class, read a book on the subject, make an appointment.

Don’t waste another day, that eventually turns into a something today!

You’ll never get this day back...make it a great one!

"I've got my eye on the goal…I'm off and running, and I'm not turning back." (Phil. 3:14)