Apply Daily...

Without TMI (too much information), okay I’ll go ahead and say heels are really gross!! I know you are now saying, “Thanks for the visual!”  Sorry!  (There is a message in this, I promise!)  I walk around barefoot a lot, I guess.  My husband jokingly says I cut his legs up at night in bed!  LOL!  Now that spring is upon us and sandal wearing weather will be here soon, the other night I started thinking about making my feet look pretty again.  Years ago, in search of finding a good heel balm, I came across this amazing stuff called Flexitol (too bad I’m not getting paid for the endorsement).  It really, really works if I faithfully apply it every night before I go to bed.  However, there is some effort involved in consistently doing it.  I have to get a pair of socks, since they must be worn after applying.  It’s thick and very sticky, so I have to get up and go wash my hands off afterwards.  At times I’ve just been too lazy to put the effort in right before bed, so I continue to cut my husband’s legs up! JK!

photo 1.JPG

I pulled the Flexitol out of my nightstand last night to start using it again and it made me think of our Bibles and how they too, can sit on our nightstands never being used.  Just like the balm works for my heels when applied, so does the Word of God for our lives.  We worry and fret about life and all the challenges it brings, yet the answer to all our problems sits, often times, unused right next to us.  If I know the heel balm works, then why don’t I continue using it?  More importantly, why do we wait until we are desperate to pull out our Bibles, when we know it works?

I can’t wait until a beautiful day arrives and I want to wear my cute sandals, to start applying the balm.  I prepare ahead of time.  Again, that goes with instructions given in God’s Word, I don’t wait until I need it, I apply daily, so when I do need it...I’m ready!

CONSISTENCY in anything is what brings results.  You have to faithfully read the Bible so that it can produce results in your life.  Yes, effort must be made.  If I want beautiful feet...I consistently apply my heel balm.  If I want a victorious life...I consistently apply God’s Word.  It’s that simple!


The directions on the heel balm say: “Apply twice daily, morning and night, until desired results have been achieved...”  


Are you doing what it takes to achieve the results you want in your life?  Are you putting the effort in?  Or, is your answer sitting next to you, yet never opened?  Are you just being lazy, because you think it’s just too much work?  Pick it up and begin reading it...the solution is there!


Apply Daily!

“Study this Book of Instruction continually.  Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it.  Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.”  Joshua 1:8 NLT