Recently my parents informed us that after 28 years of owning their weekend lake house, they would be putting it up for sale.  Every summer and many spring breaks, they took my children to the a family, we have made lots of wonderful memories there.  It was our little vacation spot to get away from it all (and eat whatever we wanted)!  Shortly before they told us they were selling it, I had stayed there for several days and remember thinking to myself, “Wow, this house has been in my family for so long.  It’s so nice to ALWAYS have this...”  And I was wrong.  

Things change

People change

Jobs change

Situations change 

BUT there is one thing I know for CERTAIN, God and His love for you NEVER changes! 

It’s the one thing you can bank on for the rest of your life...everything around you may be changing, but He wont!

In a world of instability and unsurety, we can know without doubt that God remains faithful.  That brings great comfort to me, how about you?  When certain “friends” have walked out of my life, making me feeling betrayed, I can ALWAYS count on Him to never leave me and never forsake me (Deut. 31:6).  

So, when everything around you seems uncertain, rest in knowing God will not change...His Word and His Promises for your life remain the same!

“You have granted me a security that I could never find among the things of this world.” Psalms 18 (Psalms Now)