Keep Moving Forward!

Do you ever feel like you’re doing all you know to do yet nothing is happening in your life?  You’re praying, you’re reading your Bible, you’re speaking the Word YET life remains the same? 

The devil will do everything he can to drop thoughts of discouragement and defeat in your mind with:

“This faith stuff doesn’t work!”

“Why does everything good happen to other people, but me?”

“Will things ever get better in my life?”

“Where is my breakthrough?”

If you’re not careful and begin to focus on those thoughts, then discouragement and defeat will eventually take over.  It’s so important in these times that you immediately replace those negative thoughts and speak what God’s Word says.  It reminds me of a river that has flooded…it’s raging and almost impossible to get out of harms way.  Negative thoughts can be like that raging river, they come crashing in and flood your mind, bringing destruction in your thought life and making havoc with your emotions.  NEVER jump in and go with the flow of those negative thoughts, instead stay on the bank (so to speak) and speak words of faith!

Often times when nothing is working and yet we feel we are doing all we can do, the thought of giving up creeps in.  But you know what?  Quitting is easy…anybody can quit.  It’s persevering and pushing through when everything in you wants to give up!   It’s when you see nothing changing in your life, and you can still say, “I trust God.  My faith is rooted in Him and His Word!”  

 So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. 

At just the right time 

we will reap a harvest of blessing 

if we don’t give up. 

Galatians 6:9 NLT

The true test of faith is continuing to stand in the face of adversity when everything around you is falling apart.  Do you really believe what you say you do, or is it just “church talk?”  Talking faith at church is no challenge…the challenge is living it at home when all hell has broke loose.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but I know from first hand experience that moving forward, even if it’s just one inch at a time is better than not moving at all.  So, I encourage you today to push ahead and persevere DESPITE how you feel and how things may look…victory is up ahead if you do not faint!

Love, Jerriann

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