Have you ever been laying in bed and had a negative thought pop in your head and you decided to go with it, then found yourself down in the dumps because of just one thought?  I know I have…unfortunately too many times to count!

I had this image the other day: picture yourself walking down the road of life minding your own business, and suddenly you trip and stumble.  What do you do?  Get up or just lie there?  You would quickly get up and just keep going, right?  By why is it in our journey of faith every time opposition comes from the enemy by tripping us up, we decide to stay down?!  

“I quit!”  

“I give up!”  

“Nothing is changing!”

That’s a victory for the devil when you think and talk like that!  He threw a kink in the road and you fell for it…he’s got you right where he wants you - down and defeated!  I think how many times I laid there on life’s road until it began to rain, and eventually I was covered in mud and a complete mess!  Can you relate?   You are human, you will get discouraged from time to time, but the quicker you get up and get going again, the quicker he is defeated in your life!  

I’m telling you today…to get up!  Stop laying around in defeat!  Stop feeling sorry for yourself!  Go look in the mirror if you have to and tell yourself to get up and stop lying in this mess!  You’ve got things to do, yet the devil wants you to focus on everything that’s not working at the moment…begin praising God right in the middle of it!  Speak Truth to this crisis you are in!  The Truth is what God’s Word says about the situation.

Get out of the mud or get out of the bed, clean yourself up and fight the good fight of faith!  Get your armor back on (Ephesians 6) and fight your enemy in the Spirit!  Resist the devil and he will flee! (Read James 4:7).  You are more than a conqueror! 

Everyday I’m progressing in my journey, rather than lay around in the mud anymore. I’m getting quicker about putting on faith messages the moment doubt and discouragement try to flood my mind.  I WILL NOT entertain those kind of thoughts any longer and you must not either!  Have I perfected it yet, NO, but daily I say, “I will think like Jesus, I will speak like Jesus, and I will act like Jesus.”  You can do the same…use your words to defeat the devil!

You may not be seeing much progress in your life, but every inch forward is progress.  Steady, faithful steps will eventually get you to your desired results.  Lying down and quitting, gets you nowhere!

“Even when we fall, we fall only to rise again.  Acknowledging but never nursing our failures, we claim God’s gracious forgiveness and carry on, knowing that our loving God understands and perpetually reaches out to draw us to Himself.” (Philippians 3 - Epistles/Now)


Get up and carry on…


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