Need Watering?

I bought this Oleander plant and put it in a pot on my front porch, because apparently they don’t require much, which is good for me.  I would water it only when I noticed it, or my husband might when he walked by, but we weren’t consistent in it’s maintenance.  Fortunately, it has remained green and hasn’t died, (which is a miracle for me) because of the little bit of water it had been getting.  But recently we began to water it regularly.  In no time, I was amazed to see it shoot up, bigger and fuller, until eventually it bloomed beautiful pink flowers, which I didn’t even know it did!

It was such a clear picture for me of what our faith walk is like.  You know you can go to church on Sundays and maybe even Wednesday nights, and you will be like that that plant, you will be green, because you have a little Word in you.  But it’s when you consistently and faithfully put the Word of God in you that you begin to bloom.  You can’t exist on yesterday’s faith, it must be daily!

If you are desperate for change, desperate for results, desperate for breakthrough then you will do whatever it takes to see manifestations in your life.  So you must water you life with the Word of God! 

It can be likened to working out.  You can watch fitness shows, you can pin tips on Pinterest about exercising or diets, but if you never get up and do something, you’ll never have the results you want.  There is requirement on your part and consistency is key!

Using your faith is an action term!  You must be willing to set aside time DAILY to get in God’s Word and DAILY spend time in prayer…victories will come when you do!  

Consistent watering brought results…my plant grew and bloomed flowers.  Consistent time in the Word…your faith will grow and produce results.

Are you thirsty?  

Blessed are they which do

hunger and thirst after righteousness: 

for they shall be filled.  

Matthew 5:6