Don’t Listen to Them!

One of my younger sons signed up to play basketball, however, the league didn’t have enough parent volunteers to coach, so my 15 year old son stepped up to help out and coach his brother’s team.

If you’ve ever had kids in sports (especially in Texas), you know that some parents can be very aggressive and live through their kids and think they’re going to be the next Michael Jordan!  So, I was a little concerned how parents would react to a teenager coaching.  Well, one of the first practices I heard a mother say, “So, this KID is our coach.”  I just ignored it and knew that my son would prove his ability and leadership skills on the court.  In fact, they won their first game!

But I happened to mention to my daughter what the lady had said and my son overheard me telling her.  I didn’t mean for him to.  A week or so later we’re driving down the road and he says to me, “I may just be an assistant coach next year.”  I said, “Why?  You’re doing an awesome job!”  He said, “Well, because of what that lady said.”  That made me so mad at the devil!  That he would use that woman’s flippant words to try and break my son’s spirit and make him feel less than and not qualified.

Think how many times we’ve been set up by the enemy by a hurtful thing someone says to us and we fall for it.  Little stumbling blocks along the way to divert us, distract us, and hope that we never reach our full potential.  Most of the time, people are not aware of their hurting words.  Other times they are and don’t care if they wound you.  If people want to tear you down with cutting words and hateful remarks, you’re going to have to turn a deaf ear to it and mediate on what God says about you!  Don’t listen to that garbage for one second and certainly don’t let it linger in your mind.  Seize those thoughts and take them captive right away! (II Cor. 10:5)

I remember my mother telling a story of how a woman approached her and proceeded to tell her that she didn’t live what she preached and went on and on about my mom’s lack of integrity.  My mom listened to her words and allowed them to get in her heart.  She was so hurt that she stayed out of the pulpit and from preaching for quite awhile…just because of some hateful woman.  I almost watched it happen with my son, but I knew what it was…a set up.  We talked through it and refused to allow what THEY said to stop him from moving forward in his excitement to coach.

If you battle with insecurity, then the devil is going to set a trap to make sure and give you an opportunity to fall for it.  He test us in our vulnerable and weak spots.  One negative word someone speaks, can stop someone else’s destiny if they allow it to…thankfully, my son and my mother didn’t let that happen (she's back preaching)!

So, I just want to encourage you today, not to listen to THEM!  Shake it off and just keep going.  There will always be people along the way sent to get you down, but God thinks you’re amazing!  He thinks you’re a Masterpiece!  And He has a wonderful plan for you…ignore the haters and push on through to the other side, which is VICTORY!

Please take a second and click on the heart below, so I know that you are reading!  Love, Jerriann