A Work In Progress!


We are all still a work in progress, no one has arrived! Yet, the devil will try and make you feel like “you never get it right,” or tell you, “how could you mess up so bad, you should know better by now.” 

My advice to you: DON’T LISTEN TO HIM and don’t be so hard on yourself! He is the Father of lies and there is no truth in Him (Read John 8:44.) I fell into his trap for many, many years of my life - low self-esteem and insecurity controlled by thoughts, rejection and feeling less than dominated by mind.

I’ve come so far, and things that used to get to me, don’t bother me like they did - I can shake them off quicker and just keep moving, knowing all the while who’s behind it!

But there are times I’ve allowed myself to go back into that old way of thinking, then I get mad at myself for “going there” and here comes the enemy trying to make me feel bad and condemn me, for falling for his lies in the first place! It’s a vicious cycle and needs to be shut down in our thought life, before it takes over!

If you are struggling right now because you’ve gotten off your faith, made some stupid decisions, or even felt like giving up - I want to encourage you - to just get back up! Don’t beat yourself up for messing up, get forgiveness and keep right on going. 

If you tripped when walking and fell, you wouldn’t just sit there and say, “Well, I fell I can’t get up now! I guess I have to stay right here forever!” No! You would get back up QUICKLY and hope no one saw you!  Well, do that in your faith walk — get back up and just keep going!  Remember His mercies are NEW EVERY MORNING! (Read Lamentations 3:23)

If you are a parent, then you know your kids disobey, get in trouble, and do wrong things from time to time, but once they repent and correct the bad behavior, you don’t keep holding it over their heads do you? Of course not! So remember, God is not a God that will remind you of all the times you got it wrong. No, He's a loving Father! He’s cheering you on! He believes in you! He loves you! He wants to lavish you with His blessings! But He can’t, if you give up and stay down…so I’m telling you to get up, don’t be so hard on yourself, know you are loved and just keep fighting the good fight of faith!  The faithful will ABOUND in blessing! Be a faithful one!

Love, Jerriann

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